Life changing isn’t the kind of testimonial you’d expect from a product that contributes to regular bowel movements.


But that’s exactly what our customers are telling us.


So, how can something you sprinkle on your cereal every morning really change your life?


By becoming the world’s first paleo-friendly coconut fibre herb blend.


Or as we like to call it,


Cocolax: The World’s First Superfood For Your Bowel.


// How many times have you woken up with a flat stomach, feeling light and full of energy only to get to lunchtime to see your gurgling, noisy stomach poking out over your pants.


Your stomach is bloated, gassy and sore.  


// How many times are you going to be blame the dog for what you did. Luckily you get away with it when the dogs around but it’s super embarrassing when you’re out and there’s no one to blame.  


You’re passing embarrassing amounts of wind.


// How many times are you going to sit on the toilet and flick through the same old magazine while you wait? And wait. And wait.  And nothing.


You’re constipated.

// How many times have you tried psyllium husks products only to feel even more irritated than before? That’s because psyllium husks can potentially worsen your gastrointestinal symptoms.


Your symptoms are sticking around on your current fibre product.


// How many more days are you going to need more fibre on the Paleo Diet because you’re bloated, backed up and begging for a bowel movement? You love the Paleo lifestyle and want to stick to it but you want your bowels to get moving already!


You want a Paleo friendly fibre product.


Right now, your life is controlled by your constipation, and it’s started to be the same old sad, and sometimes painful story.


Not anymore.


No longer be at the mercy of your blocked up bowels.


No longer be at the mercy of your bloated belly.


No longer be at the mercy of your embarrassing wind.


Cocolax can aid in constipation, bloating, irregular bowel movements, passing wind, and your relationship with your tight pants.


Cocolax is the world’s first paleo-friendly coconut fibre, probiotic, glutamine and herbal blend specifically formulated to contribute to regular bowel movements.


We like to call it bowel food.


They say the eyes are the window to your soul. At Cocolax, we say the bowel is the door to your health. If the door’s shut, your body goes into lockdown, and that’s a potential health problem.


An intricate ecosystem, your digestive system requires more than just fibre to maintain it. That’s why we’ve formulated Cocolax with a herb blend.


To take care of your bowel, is to take care of your health, not just to aid in the relief of constipation.


So, Who’re The Geniuses Behind Cocolax?


The owner of a health food store and a clinical care coordinator in the endoscopy department for over 20 years created Cocolax. There’s no punchline. Just the world’s first coconut fibre herb blend to look after your bowel, your digestive system and your health.


Because there’s nothing healthy about being irregular.


“Hi there, I’m Fiona and I’ve worked in the Endoscopy department of a major hospital for 20 years. I know a thing or two first hand about how difficult it can be living with unreliable bowel function. Every day I hear distressing stories the effects of constipation and poor bowel function can be to the health and wellbeing of my patients.  Every day I see my patients present with constipation related chronic diseases. I wanted to help more than just treat the symptoms so I developed a new and unique fibre blend to assist with regular elimination and to help reduce the painful and embarrassing symptoms of poor digestive function.”


Cocolax is a match made in digestive health heaven.


Let’s talk about Once-A-Day-Regular.


“Hey there, Di here. As someone who owns and works in a health food store, talking about constipation is part of my regular routine, and while it feels like every second person who walks into the store is constipated, not many of them thought they were when they first came in.

It was only once I clarified that regular means once a day that they realised they’ve been constipated for a while.


Regular is not once every three days. It’s not what’s ‘regular’ for you. It’s once a day.  


So if you’re not once-a-day-regular, you’re most likely constipated, regularly.

When customers come into the store come and we have the ‘once-a-day-regular’ chat, I send them home with Cocolax and they come back into the store later telling me it’s changed their lives.”


Cocolax Is Changing Lives.


“For many years I used a combination of psyllium, LSA and Chia seeds to assist in maintaining a regular bowel habit and avoid the symptoms of IBS, not always successfully. For the last year I have replaced all these products with one tablespoon of Cocolax with my cereal each morning. I have been able to maintain regularity and eliminate bloating and cramping.’


Alex S., Helensvale.


I would just like to thank you for creating the above mixture.  It’s really is good stuff!  I have Hashimotos, which in turn has over the years given me constant constipation. Because of the constant constipation I have now developed diverticulitis.  As I have been told by my doctors I have to ensure that I am "regular"   This has been a constant battle with me. I discovered this mixture quite by accident in the health shop at Southport Qld.  It really has been a life saver for me.  It does not contain psyllium which irritates the bowel (when you have diverticulitis) and it has made me regular again ....   I feel soooo much better; as whatever else is in this, (it has coconut I think!)  my diverticulitis has improved.Thank you once again, you don't know what a relief it is to be able to find something that works.


Lynne M., Southport


“I love Cocolax.  I have constantly and continually had a slow and lazy bowel and constipation problems ever since I was 10 years of age and got kicked in the stomach by a horse!!  I have had major surgery and been left with these problems since that time.  This is the ONLY product that keeps me moving with the horrible side effects of pain and build up.  I love it and will keep using it forever. Thanks for making a phenomenal product that tastes good too.”


Penny C., Robina


“As the carer of my 84 year old mother, I’m glad to have found Cocolax. Rather than using a number of medications that were harsh on her stomach, now she just uses Cocolax; which is wonderfully effectiveaffective and far gentler on her tummy.”


Louise S., Gold Coast


So, what’s so special about Cocolax? There’s no secret formula or magic voodoo. Just pure honest ingredients that work together.


Organic Coconut Fibre


All the benefits of coconut oil in fibre form. It’s a win-win.  The perfect way to reap the benefits of the rich fatty acids and valuable MTC’s (Medium Chain Triglycerides) found in coconut oil, and get your fibre fix in one.




An essential amino acid, which is anti-inflammatory and necessary for the growth and repair of the gastrointestinal lining.  Acts as a protector and repellent to irritants by supporting the linings mucosal cells and immune system.


Aloe Vera


This amazing plant contains phytonutrients and active compounds essential for cell growth and renewal. Renowned for its use as a digestive tonic to soothe the lining of the stomach and intestines and to help maintain healthy intestinal bacteria.


Marshmallow Herb


This herb forms a protective layer on the lining of the gastrointestinal tract and also provides a supposedly soothing film over a mucous membrane, relieving minor pain and inflammation of the membrane.


Slippery Elm


Traditionally used to maintain and support healthy digestive function. When taken internally Slippery Elm is excellent at providing a soothing action to the gastrointestinal system and promoting the easy passage of faecal matter.


Pre and Probiotics


Promoting good bacterial balance is essential for optimal gastrointestinal health and creating balanced micro flora. All the following Lactobacillus bacteria are used in the fermentation process and are cultured from food (not dairy or laboratory bred).


Lactobacillus Acidophilus Lactobacillus Delbrueckii Lactobacillus Caseii Lactobacillus Bulgaricus Lactobacillus Caucasicus Lactobacillus Fermenti Lactobacillus Plantarum Lactobacillus Brevis Lactobacillus Helveticus Lactobacillus Lacti.


These yeast strains are responsible for the presence of B Vitamins necessary to maintain health. Saccharomyces Boulardii Saccharomyces Cerevisiae, and Bifidabacterium Bifidum.


When you swirl all these specially selected ingredients together, here’s what you can expect:


// A gentle and soothing action on the bowel.

// Maintenance of optimum inner health and good bacterial levels

// Lubricating and bulking of stool

// May help with long-term regular relief of constipation


When we say Cocolax is a superfood for your bowel, we mean it.


Let Cocolax assist in putting a stop to constipation. Get you back to once-a-day-regular, a flat stomach, and an honest relationship with your dog.


Cocolax is for everyone. It’s Paleo friendly, so it’s for your best friend who’s on the Paleo diet, your sister who’s always bloated, your brother who’s always passing wind and blaming the dog, your dad who’s already reading the newspaper on the toilet forever, and your grandma, bless her.